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Estate Planning & Probate

For many, preparing their estate plan - or reviewing it to insure it's current and remains effective - is not something that is given much thought.  However, passing away without a will, or with a will that is out-of-date, can truly burden loved ones in a tremendously difficult time.  This is especially true for those who need to consider the importance of naming guardians for their children or elderly parents in the event that they are suddenly gone, leaving dependents behind.

This is personal business at its most important.  Property distribution, investments of money, and specific bequests must be considered with a knowledge of their legal ramifications including the impact of gift, estate, and income taxation.  Living wills should be considered, as should Crummey Trusts, Bypass Trusts, and Life Insurance Trusts.

Probating of an estate is a lengthy process.  An executor/rix will have the duty to inventory all the estate’s assets, pay all the estate’s debts, and file a report in the probate records regarding how the estate was handled and ultimately, distributed.  Unknown heirs will need to be located, dissatisfied or suspicious heirs must be heard—perhaps in will contests or challenges to testamentary capacity or undue influence.

Over the years, this firm’s general business practice has expanded to include these matters of personal business as well as its standard commercial focus.  For more information, please feel free to contact us, as well as reviewing the web sites referenced here. 



Oval: Texas law allows you to write your own will  - but if you type it, it won’t be legal.