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Law Offices of Benjamin F. Youngblood III, P.C.

About the Firm

Since 1991, Ben Youngblood has been a principal in a law firm built around a general business practice providing corporate, civil trial, appellate, bankruptcy, probate and estate planning services to the Bexar County and South Texas area.† Beginning in May 1999, he has been the principal of the Law Offices of Benjamin F. Youngblood III, P.C.

Using the latest in legal technology and taking advantage of the growing number of independently contracting professionals, the firm is able to keep its overhead low while providing the highest quality of legal services in an exceptionally efficient manner.

Serving business clientele has necessitated the expansion of the firmís practice to areas of individual interest.† Therefore, in addition to the standard business needs of corporate structuring issues and the like, the firm practice has evolved to include matters of a personal business nature, such as estate planning and probate matters.

The firm has enjoyed a relationship with many of its clientele for many, many years and is both humbled and honored by this continuity and trust.† If you would like to know more about the firm, or you are interested in legal representation that is focused upon the long-term, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your interest is welcome.†


The firm is dedicated to serving the needs of its business clientele and is proud of the longstanding relationships built with both its organizational clients and the individuals whom the firm has the honor and privilege to represent.†

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