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Law Offices of Benjamin F. Youngblood III, P.C.

Creditors’ Rights

The firm is recognized for its ability to advocate on behalf of creditors.  Business and corporate interests must be accurately assessed from the perspective of both the creditor and the debtor in order to achieve a viable result. 


More and more often, businesses are facing the difficult challenge of collecting money owed to them, despite having established security for the loan or having other protections in place for open accounts.   This becomes even more complex when bankruptcy protection has been requested. 

Bankruptcy Fraud

Sometimes, undue advantage is taken of the bankruptcy option to the detriment of creditors and shareholders.  Detailed analysis and cooperative investigation is key to finding, and correcting, fraudulent bankruptcy filings.

Filing Bankruptcy: Debtors’ Rights

Commonly known as “reorganization” bankruptcy, Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be used by businesses experiencing deep financial storms, enabling the company to work out a plan with their creditors which restructures debt, maintains the business, and creates a reasonable repayment plan.  This firm does not represent individuals filing Chapter 7 bankruptcies. 

Representing Trustees and Creditors’ Committees

Sometimes, trustees need representation, as do committees appointed to represent the creditors as a whole, in certain matters.  This firm is available to meet that periodic need.